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Sustained A Sports Injury? We Can Provide Treatment To Help You Heal

After sustaining a sports injury, it can be difficult to heal and get back out on the field or do what you love. Whether you suffer from a severe muscle tear, broken bones or overuse injuries, our specialists at PVH Institute can help you with our leading expertise in regenerative sports medicine. As a local Main Line sports medicine doctor, Dr. Chris Mulholland is here to restore your active lifestyle.

With so many people suffering from sports injuries, it’s imperative to partner with a leading sports medicine doctor that can help alleviate pain, improve mobility and range of motion in injured areas, and reduce recovery times. Our sports medicine specialists in Philadelphia offer a wealth of injury-specific treatment solutions to help you find relief from pain, prevent re-injury, and establish a healthier baseline for your musculoskeletal system.

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Treatment For Athletes & Active People in Philadelphia

Whether you are a high school or collegiate athlete, an avid runner, or just looking to stay active and do the things you enjoy most, sports medicine plays an important role in your life. It’s equally important to keep your active body healthy and moving at its best. Working with a sports medicine doctor can help you prevent future injuries and not just treat issues once they can’t be ignored. At PVH Institute, our passionate sports doctors go beyond traditional sports medicine practices to keep active people mobile and feeling their best with our highly-personalized approach to sports therapy.

People can suffer from sports injuries due to competitive, touch-based sports (such as football, basketball, soccer, etc.), or they might suffer from years of wear-and tear injuries. If you lead an active lifestyle and take part in exercises like running, yoga, or other exercise routines, you are at risk of developing a sports injury.

sports medicine doctors in philadelphia

Since progressive strain or gradual joint degradation can create a domino effect of worsening mobility/pain issues, our proactive sports medicine specialists develop a big-picture plan with each athlete.

If you have already been injured, we blend restorative mobility techniques with practical lifestyle guidance to establish a trajectory of sustainable recovery. If you are seeking professional guidance to prevent strains, aches, and every other musculoskeletal issue, our intuitive guidance will prime you with the knowledge and lifestyle habits you need to maintain peak performance for life.

What Are The Warning Signs Before An Injury?

It’s important to recognize the need for sports medicine if you’ve suffered from an injury or understand the warning signs before an injury. Regardless of whether your injury was sustained during a sporting event or from individual exercise, visit our sports medicine doctor near Philadelphia if:

What Do Sports Medicine Doctors Specialize In?

When you visit our sports medicine doctor’s office near Philadelphia, we’ll create a personalized care plan with sports medicine techniques to help prevent further injuries, diagnose your pain, and conduct the proper treatment. As a Sports medicine doctor, Dr. Mulholland is trained in recognizing the connection between the musculoskeletal system and conducting treatment that best fits your needs.

Our sports doctors will work with you to prevent injuries before they occur. If you are already experiencing a sports injury, we will take the next step in proper healing and offer different options such as corrective exercises and PRP injections in Philadelphia at the site of injury to boost the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Our team can diagnose your injuries, help you maintain your well-being, and keep you active. Our sports medicine experts are also trained in recognizing the pain that may lead to injuries. Whether you are suffering from knee pain, joint pain, or something else, we will identify the issues and work with you to get back to your everyday activities.

For sports medicine and primary care near Philadelphia, contact PVH Institute today. Our team is dedicated to your well-being!