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Primary Care Specialist Near Philadelphia

At PVH Institute we are rethinking healthcare delivery, but still holding true to the core principles of family medicine. We care for all ages from young children through to older adults and seek to develop a long term relationship with our patients.  Our primary goal is to help you live your best life when you’re feeling well, but also help you to navigate the healthcare system and be an intermediary between specialists when you’re not.

What To Expect

Here at PVH Institute, we are reevaluating the way that primary care services are delivered. There are two problems that we seek to tackle in the current primary care model. The first is time. Insurance overhead, ancillary services, and a myriad of other cost adding measures have constrained the physician patient relationship to an average of about 8-10 minutes per visit. At PVH we routinely offer 30-45 minute visits to make sure you have time and access to your physician.

The second problem is reactivity. The American medical system is one of the most advanced in the world and capable of treating a wide range of illnesses. However, our system lacks when it comes to encouraging lifestyle measures to improve health and wellness. If nowhere else, this is evident in the rising obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes in this country. At PVH Institute, we are partnering with La Maison Health and Fitness to build pathways to healthier living for individuals seeking a fresh start, or just trying to build on existing healthy habits.  We believe health is more than the absence of illness, it is the best version of you.

Services Include But Not Limited To:

  • Annual physicals
  • Bloodwork interpretation
  • Sick visits
  • Medication management 
  • Exercise and lifestyle counseling
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Health is more than the absence of illness. It is a goal to be achieved. The best mental, spiritual and physical version of you

Primary Care & Osteopathic Medicine Near Philadelphia

Some people resort to only visiting a primary care physician when there is a problem. However, we encourage our patients to seek care year-round. It is our goal as your primary care team to ensure your health needs are met and maintained. We believe proactive healthcare starts on a deeper level and can be paired with treatments or wellness needs.

As a primary care physician near Philadelphia, Dr. Mulholland focuses on integrating a healthy lifestyle into each of our patient’s wellness plans. Our integrative practices create a comfortable environment for each patient to be seen and heard. Once we have a full understanding of your wellness, we will cater a plan that helps you stay your best.

If you are interested in learning more about our osteopathic medicine practices or looking for a primary care doctor who specializes in integrative medicine, we are here to help.

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Our primary care doctor has been helping Philadelphia locals with back pain, neck pain treatment, general wellness, and so much more. Schedule an appointment to learn more today! 

We Offer:

A key to complete, effective care, integrating longer visits into our primary care OMM & OMT practice makes it possible to ensure that we get your full history as you understand it – because only you are the only expert in your health!

An example of the importance of personalized care is the fact that it can be tough to get to the root of an issue without more information. We want to learn about your symptoms, but also your lifestyle, risk factors, diet, and home and work life as all these things can contribute to any given symptom or illness. Better physician access: Of course, if you can’t access a knee pain doctor, back pain specialist, or proper neck pain treatment, then clearly even the best healthcare available won’t do you any good. That is why we are re-imagining OMT practices to ensure every patient has the access they deserve.

Specializing in Osteopathic Medicine & Treatment in Philadelphia

Modern osteopathic medicine offers all the benefits that modern medicine provides with a hands-on approach. Dr. Mulholland’s expertise in osteopathic medicine includes hands-on treatment using OMM or OMT practices.

When osteopathic medicine, OMM, and OMT practices are paired with primary care, the result is a comprehensive approach to full-spectrum care for our patients near Philadelphia

As an all-encompassing primary care doctor, Dr. Mulholland also provides extensive care as a sports medicine doctor near Philadelphia, with an emphasis on integrative treatments. 

From primary care as a family physician to offering PRP injection treatments near Philadelphia, our team covers a wide scope of medicine to keep you at your best.

Offering Personalized Guidance & More

When you need a primary care physician, back pain specialist, or knee pain specialist, our team is here for you. We will work with you closely to ensure you get care, advice, treatment, and prescriptions that match your wellness goals.