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4 Of The Best Exercises To Reduce Chronic Back Pain

4 Of The Best Exercises To Reduce Chronic Back Pain 

When your back aches, you may feel tempted to avoid exercising at all. It is extremely important to keep active, but it’s also important to find movement that will not put too much stress on your spine. Consider doing these four exercises to reduce chronic back pain.

Get On A Low Impact Cardio Machine

Although riding a regular bicycle can worsen lower back pain, you can decrease pressure on the spine by using another cycling machine. For example, if your back pain doesn’t radiate along your legs, consider an elliptical bike. This machine can provide someone with a vigorous cardio workout. As you pump the pedals, you remain in a standing position. On the other hand, you can take extra pressure off your back by using a recumbent bike. This type of machine makes you pedal as you recline in a seated position. If exercise isn’t helping enough, a Philadelphia back pain specialist can give you more specific treatment.

Work Out In The Water

Exercising in water provides resistance to make muscles stronger and cushions the joints and back. Even though swimming is the best aerobic water exercise, be sure to avoid irritating your lower back muscles by doing strokes that extend the body. Instead, doing breaststroke or backstroke can help you glide through the water. You can also lift a light dumbbell above your head while you march or hop in waist-deep water. Alternating between light jogging and running is another idea. 

Bird Dog Hip Extension

You can use the bird dog extension to build core strength. Over time, it can help reduce back pain. Firstly, get on the floor and position your knees directly underneath your hips and your hands beneath your shoulders. Secondly, be sure to keep your core muscles engaged and your back flat. Then extend your right arm and left leg straight out. Next, go back to the starting position. On each side, do at least 10 repetitions. If you feel discomfort, you can try keeping the limbs you raise closer to the floor or raising only one limb at a time.

Contact A Professional

If you find it difficult to manage chronic back pain, back pain doctors in Philadelphia can help. The team at PVH Institute can help you get your pain under control so you can live pain-free. Contact us today! 

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