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7 Ways To Get The Most Out of Annual Checkups

7 Ways To Get The Most Out of Annual Checkups

To live a healthy life, you owe it to yourself and your family to ensure you are doing the best possible job of taking care of yourself. There are many reasons to see your doctor each year. Annual medical checkups help catch anything that needs attention before it becomes an issue. 

1. Prepare For Your Visit

To prepare for your annual checkup, you can start by reflecting on how you have been feeling and taking care of yourself. These can include new concerns and old problems that may still be hanging around. It is always best to approach your doctor with concerns in mind so it will be easier for them to review your wellbeing at the appointment.

2. Go Over Medications With Your Doctor

Are you taking any prescription medications or over-the-counter supplements? Keep track of them all so you can discuss them with your doctor. If there are new medications, over-the-counter treatments, or supplements that you are taking, be sure to discuss any recent changes with your doctor. This also allows you to make sure you are only on the medications you need.

3. Know Your Family History

It is crucial to know and understand your genetic health, especially as you age. Whether you are looking for preventative medicine or looking to keep an eye out for specific risks or signs, knowing can help you and your doctor take the best next steps. If there is anything in particular that you are concerned about (such as high blood pressure or diabetes), be sure to address these issues.

4. Ask How You Can Better Your Health

If you have any concerns about your health, ask them! Your doctor wants to give you the time and attention you need, so do not be afraid to voice things on your mind. You should remember to ask your doctor how you can improve and maintain your health all year round, not just after your appointment. 

5. Understanding Osteopathic Primary Care

Having an osteopathic physician as your primary care doctor takes your well-being and care a degree further. While you are at your appointment your physician is trained to think more holistically about your health. If indicated, they may use their additional training and perform manual adjustments to align your body and promote your body’s inherent ability to self-regulate and heal. Not only will your appointment be hands-on and with great attention to detail, but you will also be educated on how to take care outside the appointment and make it part of your everyday life. 

6. Keep Your Follow-Up Regular 

Just as your car needs routine maintenance throughout the year, oftentimes a healthy body requires more than one visit annually. Keep your appointments regular and your physician updated about any changes to your health or therapies. If you have been experiencing changes in your health or feeling differently, it’s always wise to schedule a brief appointment in between annual checkups. While having an annual checkup is a great way to maintain and manage your health needs each year, health concerns don’t present themselves once a year. Checking in more frequently helps you and your doctor to spend less time catching up and more time setting goals and developing plans to reach those targets. 

7. Be Honest About Your Health & Habits

When it comes to annual appointments, you review your health and wellbeing with your healthcare professional. Many people feel obligated to tell their doctors what they think they want to hear. 

As your primary care professional, it is important to have a trusting relationship where you can tell the truth. This not only helps identify any underlying issues doctors have been trained to recognize, but it also ensures they can help you stay at your best. A private appointment is not only confidential but a safe space for you to tell your doctor how you are doing and the habits that are part of your regular lifestyle. Your doctor is there for your care and wellbeing and there to make your annual visit an efficient and effective for your health

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