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Sports Medicine for Aging Athletes

Sports Medicine For Aging Athletes 

Staying active promotes healthy aging, and many athletes can enjoy their favorite sports for many years. Yet, getting older places you at a higher risk for injuries, and recovery can take longer than it did in your youth. Working with a sports medicine team helps you to get back on your feet faster and enjoy these benefits for taking care of your body.

Start Your New Training Regimen On the Right Foot

Many people pick up new activities as they get older, or you might be interested in reviving a former passion now that you are in your mid 30’s or entering retirement. As a general rule, you should always meet with a healthcare provider before you start any type of new workout program. Pre-sports evaluations can help you identify potential issues before they occur, such as learning how to avoid irritating an old shoulder injury and how to listen to your body as you age.

Get a Diagnosis for New Sports Injuries

Jumper’s knee, rotator cuff tendonitis, and ligament strains are just a few of the common injuries that tend to occur in older athletes. Losing elasticity in your joints and muscles is common with age, and this could make it harder to bounce back if you sustain a hard hit or fall. Our doctor for sports medicine near Bryn Mawr provides services such as ultrasound imaging that can help to quickly identify an injury so that you receive the right services as soon as possible. Once an injury is identified, your physician can help you create a treatment plan that promotes healing.

Keep Your Head in the Game

Concussion care has taken on greater importance in sports medicine, and older athletes need to be extra cautious after a head injury. Sports medicine providers know how to look for the signs of a concussion and provide effective treatment plans. Taking care of your brain health prevents lingering issues such as memory loss or disruptions in your reasoning abilities. 

Stay In the Game for Longer With Proper Care

Leaving an injury untreated can lead to long-term pain, stiffness, and diminishing skills. Even younger athletes should avoid doing certain activities with a new injury since it is possible for things such as a ligament strain to progress to a tear with additional pressure. Older athletes may also need ongoing treatment for chronic issues that may include their spine, shoulders, or knees. Osteopathic treatment can help to get your body back into alignment so that you can continue with your favorite sports and activities.

Schedule Your Sports Evaluation or Exam

Whether you’re just starting a new sports program or are noticing a difference in your current abilities, it’s best to be proactive when it comes to your health. Make your appointment to meet with one of the members of our team today, and start looking forward to improving your game by becoming a better version of yourself.

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